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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Correlation Between Experience and Programming Skills

Finding good programmers is hard. There seems to be little correlation between experience and programming skills. In my experience, you are as likely to find an experienced developer (10+ years of experience) with poor skills as you are finding one with excellent skills. […] Continue reading

The Myths of Innovation

I just finished reading The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun. It’s a decent book, and probably required reading nowadays when innovation (whatever it means) is the coolest buzzword of all. The moral of the book is: there’s no shortcut … Continue reading

Edge-To-Edge Unit Tests

Normally, when I write C++ code to test my C++ functionality, I tend to stay away from the “unit” level. Instead, I like tests that exercise the system edge-to-edge, resembling the interactions with the outside world as much as possible. […] Continue reading

“We Train You to Be the Best Programmer You Can Be”

Which company would you rather work for? The one that says “We hire the best” or the one that says “We hire you and train you to be the best you can be”. Continue reading

Welcome to My Blog!

I finally got around setting up a blog using WordPress. The old edit-four-different-html-pages-to-get-anything-published was just too tiresome. Setting it up was not hard at all. Hm, makes me wonder why I didn’t do this a long time ago? Scott Berkun … Continue reading