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Design Principles by Example: Talk to an Interface or an Abstraction?

What is the relation between design principles “Talk to an interface, not an implementation” and “Talk to an abstraction, not a concrete”? When you apply them, you want to achieve different goals.

Two important design principles for writing good software are

  1. “Talk to an interface, not an implementation” and
  2. “Talk to an abstraction, not a concrete”.

Admittedly, they sound very much alike, so what is the difference between them?

communications towerAssume you are writing a client implementation that needs to communicate with a server somewhere. You have chosen to use a web socket for sending messages over the wire. To that end, you will use a class ClientWebSocketSenderImplementation. Now, the “Talk to interface, not an implementation” design principle suggests that talking to the web socket implementation class directly is inappropriate. Instead, you should talk to an interface ClientWebSocketSender.

Following the first design principle have several upsides. First, it will make your code easier to test. In this case, using the web socket implementation directly would use the network. That would make your unit tests slow and unreliable and might require a complicated setup phase. Second, talking to the web socket implementation directly would couple your client code to that specific implementation. If needed, changing web socket implementations would be difficult. Also, your code would not be reusable without shipping the web socket implementation.

We have chosen to send messages using a web socket. But there is really no need for our client application to know how messages are sent over the network. The second design principle says “Talk to an abstraction, not a concrete”. The concrete here is a web socket. A suitable abstraction in this context could be the ability to send messages over the web without specifying how. So we introduce an interface ClientWebSender. Depending on the application, we could take it one step further. It might make sense to abstract away the fact that we’re sending messages over the internet (for example, it could be over an IPC channel). We would end up with an interface ClientSender.

The second design principle will make your application more resilient to change. Without the abstraction, the web socket details might propagate throughout your code. For example, functions, arguments and return types could be specific to web sockets. If you would like to change your application to support message sending over e.g. HTTP or your own proprietary protocol over TCP, you would have to chase down all references to web sockets.

Last, the “Talk to an abstraction, not a concrete” does not require us to talk to an interface. You might have a class that represents the “abstraction” part and hides the “concrete” part (e.g. by delegating to a web socket implementation). So our two design principles serve different purposes and does not necessarily overlap. That said, they work very well in combination to write decoupled, testable and change resilient software.

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