Unit Test Presentation at Edgeware

Everyone that wants to get serious with unit testing should follow the lead of Edgeware and dedicate half a day or so of their developers’ and testers’ time to identify strengths and weaknesses within the development organization. I was invited to present best practices of unit testing. We also touched upon continuous integration and future directions in terms of development excellence. It was fun and interesting and we had good discussions. :) Perhaps the slides (pdf) can give you some inspiration to improve your unit testing and development process.

One thought on “Unit Test Presentation at Edgeware

  1. Nice presentation! There’s one aspect related to TDD/unit testing that I think is worth focusing even more on. That’s the “better code” aspect.

    Just by beeing a user of your own code/design/APIs (aka eating your own dog food) will help you take a huge leap in writing better code.

    Unfortunately still too many people are thinking of TDD/unit testing as software testing only.

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