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Duplication-Driven Development?

What is the primary force that drives you when doing test-driven development? Surprisingly, it might just be code duplication. The book “Test-Driven Development by Example” by Kent Beck shows how code duplication springs naturally from TDD and *drives good design*. An appealing thought?
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Zero Tolerance: Writing Good Software Is Tough

When I had the opportunity to participate in a new project with no dependencies on legacy code, I thought I would try something new, just for fun. Let’s call it zero tolerance: “when finding flawed code, fix it *now*”. […] It is tough on your mental health to just ignore the easy-to-reach reward and do the really boring stuff. […] I expected it to get easier over time. The funny thing is, the amount of code that needs to be fixed seems to be constant over time! How is that possible? Continue reading