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Sustainable Software Development, Part 2: Managing Complexity

As the code base grows, the complexity of your code increases. The pace of software development often slows down as the product matures. Why is this? What can we do to manage complexity? Continue reading

The Diamond Shape

How can your classes talk to each other if they don’t know of each other? Hint: a diamond might come handy. Continue reading

Object-Oriented Programming Lecture at KTH: Slides etc.

Thank you all that participated in my lecture at KTH October 26, 2011. I had a lot of fun, and we had some good discussions. For you who were not there, it was about object-oriented programming and how to write … Continue reading

Design Principles by Example: Talk to an Interface or an Abstraction?

What is the relation between design principles “Talk to an interface, not an implementation” and “Talk to an abstraction, not a concrete”? When you apply them, you want to achieve different goals. Continue reading

Object-Orientation is not Really About Objects

How do we write good object-oriented programs? Despite the name, it is not by focusing on objects. […] From time to time, you come across OO programs that has a procedural flavor to them. There are few, if any, interfaces and classes are primarily used to organize related functions with data. Writing “procedural style OO programs” like this suffers from the same problem procedural programming do: coupling. […] Continue reading

Decoupling Starts with an Interface, but Where Does It End?

Decoupling is more than just talking to interfaces. How do you write code so that nowhere in the code do your classes refer to each other? How do you write code so that you can replace a module in run-time? How do you write software using geographically distributed components? Continue reading