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Sustainable Software Development, Part 2: Managing Complexity

As the code base grows, the complexity of your code increases. The pace of software development often slows down as the product matures. Why is this? What can we do to manage complexity? Continue reading

Characteristics of a Software Professional

At work, I have been challenged with the question “What are the most important characteristics of a software developer?”. I have created a summary of what I think it takes. Continue reading

Design Patterns By Example: Implementing a State Machine

How do you implement the State pattern, while separating the different concerns? We use an example to discuss how to write code easy to understand and maintain. Continue reading

The Truth Behind Design Patterns

Design patterns help you write good software. How can you master all 23+ of them? You are probably better of focusing on the underlying truth: the design principles. Continue reading

Duplication-Driven Development?

What is the primary force that drives you when doing test-driven development? Surprisingly, it might just be code duplication. The book “Test-Driven Development by Example” by Kent Beck shows how code duplication springs naturally from TDD and *drives good design*. An appealing thought?
Continue reading

Decoupling Starts with an Interface, but Where Does It End?

Decoupling is more than just talking to interfaces. How do you write code so that nowhere in the code do your classes refer to each other? How do you write code so that you can replace a module in run-time? How do you write software using geographically distributed components? Continue reading